Friday, January 28, 2011

A word about paint...

(Behr Porpoise Grey...Bottom left paint swatch)

So a project I'm working with right now has had me a bit stumped. I have searched. googled. spyed. looked. seeked (is that a word??) point being...i've done it all...i've been in search of the PERFECT shade of silvery grey wall paint for a bedroom remodle I'm working on. and you know what I have found? omg. its so hard! the line is SOOO thin between slate grey/blue grey/green grey/cell block wall grey...i just want to find a pretty, whispy, soothing, shimmery, loverly grey...IS THAT SO HARD!?!

yes. apparently it is.

but I think I have come to a conclusion...after considering ATLEAST 20 paint swatches...and 4 test strips I think we are going with Behrs Porpoise Grey. I'm pretty confident in my choice.

I was so bummed today when we went to sherwin williams...we found a color that we loved. it would have been perfect, when we put the tiny paper swatch under the little "true light" box thingy it looked lovely...a sweet silver with a lavender undertone (perfect because we are accenting the room in eggplant and lavender) then we get it home and its like ICE BLUE! wtf. sooo disappointing.

however, a trip to home depot proved to be pretty successful...Porpoise grey looks as close as I'm going to find to my dreamy grey color.

so. my words to you friends:

1. buy the tester might be $6 outta pocket now, but that will save you $50 and about 5 hours of time later when you realize you hate the color you picked and have to go back and do it over again.

2. Just because the lighting in that little light box makes a color look one shade...take it home and look at it in your room, under your lights, with your furniture and your windows...ESPECIALLY if you keep  your windows open and let a lot of natural light in, a few years ago, when I painted Ms. Priss's bedroom, we wanted it to be pink and butter cream striped...thinking the walls were already butter cream we painted our pink stripes and didn't think a bit about having to paint another color...boy were we wrong, when you opened the windows and let the light shine cast this horrid pea color all over her pretty butter cream walls (I was told it has to do with the tinting on the windows) therefor, forcing us to make another trip to home depot and spend another 4 hours painting stripes.

3. Trust your gut. remember this Office Redo? isn't it pretty? dontcha just love how rich the brown on the accent wall is and how nicely the light cream color helps to balance it? ya me too! BUT you shoulda seen the freak out that I had while I was painting it...I thought for sure I had made a horrid mistake in colors...all it took was for me to let the paint dry, bring in some of the furniture and watch my full vision come to life.

So there ya go friends. my words to the wise about paint colors.

The color goes on the walls tomorrow...send me some good design juju so I can make this work the way it looks in my head :)


  1. Paint can do that. ugh. I'll be anxious to see the transformation. I am actually doing a series on the office and will be showing my redo this next week. I'd love for you to link up to my Organizing mission Monday link party. I found you on I'm an Organizing Junkie.
    Oh.. going to give you the link since I'm not on blogger.

  2. Thanks Sandy! i'll be sure to link up!

  3. I just found your blog and love this post. Guess what paint color I want in my half bath, you got it. The perfect gray/silver but no I went thru paint after paint also finding a tint of color in them. So finally I put tons of white paint in my too dark gray paint and now it's lighter but not what I wanted. Oh well can't get it right every time. This was so funny to read and know exactly what you mean. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog by the way.

  4. Dawn - Thats actually a very good idea! I never thought to try to "lighten" my own paint! I have a can of that darkest color on the left that I have no clue what I am going to do I know I'll just mix it with some white till I find SOMETHING that works :) ...... I will say, the Behr Porpoise came out really nice, I'll have pictures in a couple weeks when we finish this project....Thanks for stopping by!