Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Office Transformation

Client Profile: My Client, a Key Customer Manager for Nestle Waters, needed an extra room in her house to function as a home office, guest bedroom and personal Retreat.

Issues: Bulky Furniture that didn't fit her style or functional needs, No organizational system for files, no assigned homes for misc. items, This room had become a "catch all" for all things without a home leaving it cluttered and disorganized

The Solution: We did a hefty amount of purging...relocated some of the odds and ends to their correct homes within other rooms of the house and with a budget of about $1000 completely redesigned the room......

Take a look at this awesome transformation:

From the entry BEFORE: The space was cluttered with everything from an old futon, filing cabinets, work samples, even a folding table and chair set

AFTER a new coat of paint, some soothing art, a comfortable chair that folds in to a twin size bed, and an outtoman that doubles as a storage space helps create a peaceful place for work, guests and relaxing.

 BEFORE: With no storage for miscallaneous items, piles stacked up on the floor creating a cluttered walk way

AFTER: A 9 cube shelving system with canvas bins help control the clutter by offering space for pictures, stationary and other misc. items.

BEFORE: A too large filing cabinet was stuck in a corner, rarely used this piece was taking up more space than it was worth.

AFTER: A clean slate, a perfect place to put a small table and lamp for guests to use as a night stand or as a place to put your drink while enjoying a book on the comfy couch.

BEFORE: This closet was STUFFED with everything from business literature and giveaways, clothing, gifts & photos

AFTER: We got the clothes out and created a space for office supplies, work literature, and give aways.

With the use of magazine holders and organizing boxes she can simply come in, grab what she wants and get out again, no need to sift through the piles

BEFORE: Her desk was a large heavy piece of furniture with drawers that didn't function very well. The style of the desk was not to her liking and though she had attempted some desk top organization, she never came up with a system that worked for her.

AFTER: A rich coat of brown paint sets this wall apart from the other lighter walls. Complete with a new desk and shelving area the space is not only functional, but its more enjoyable to be in since it has a clean, calm design.

A floting shelf with boxes holds desk top office supplies, bill paying supplies and small note books. Small canisters on her desk top hold paperclips, push pins and binder clips

An At-a-Glance wall calendar helps with planning, and this desk top organizational piece gives her an "inbox/outbox" system that works for her. We also created a "Reference Binder" using a 1 inch leather bound binder and heavy weight sheet protectors to contain all of her instructions for reporting and filing expenses so she can access this information at any time.

 BEFORE: Her printer took up valuable desk space and she had very little writing room.

AFTER: the desk we purchased has a retractable "L" portion that she can pull out to expand her work space. We also purchased a seperate rolling printer cart located next to her desk to hold her printer (not pictured) as well as her files

This project was SO much fun. Seeing the transformation from start to finished really went to show how far a little bit of organizational help...a lot of purging...and some design changes can do for your space.

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE your brown paint color. What color is that?

  2. @ Toni - isn't it delicious! the brown is Valspar Italian Leather 6005-2C, the cream is Valspar Light Raffia 3008-10B

  3. Now, this is an amazing transformation. Congratulations! ~Kelly

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  4. That is an awesome transformation! You did a great job... so rich and comfortable. I bet she is thrilled!!
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