Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think that might be my new favorite word...stole it from Jen @ I heart Organizing cause shes pretty brilliant....Well. i have a a matter of fact, it was one of my first (and favorite) space re-dos. When I moved from my "Big Red House" (as Ms. Priss calls it) to my tiny apartment (as i call it...) I literally cut my square footage in half. I went from a nice 2 story 2200 sq ft 4 bedroom house with WAY too much room for my little a tiny (but nice an cute) apartment that is only 1500 sq feet with only 3 game formal dining. Just the basics.

that drove me insane. (still does)

so I made the best of what I had and created a cloffice (get it? closet + office) I got lucky that the aparment I am in has 2 closets in the master bedroom, a large walk-in in the bathroom and a small narrow one in the bedroom that had rolling doors on a track.

At first, the closet was just used to hold my crafting stuff in different forms of semi organized chaos.

I had tupperware boxes and a large drawer to hold things...but do you see what is missing?

Therses no table space! no desk space...not even a tiny tray table and anytime I wanted to get creative, I would have to haul all my junk out of there and take it to the kitchen and spread it out on my tiny kitchen table.......and remember, like I said earlier, we only have the basics here, so my kitchen table is my ONLY other words, long time projects were not allowed!

See my sewing machine stuffed back there? oh you can't? ya thats cause all the rest of the junk is keeping it hidden...but its back there...and OBVIOUSLY not being used.

So I shopped my home...found a pice of an old L shaped desk, an extra book shelf and my old filing cabinet and shoved it in my space...ahhh its so nice :) it all fit just perfectly

I added some new boxes that I got from Walmart (the lime green) Ikea (the white) and Hobby Lobby (the black).....the awesome pen holder rack thingy (its from ikea...they are just so clever)...and some cute metal desk accesories. I honestly don't think I spent more than $80 on the entire space and thats including the grey Ikea curtain panels and curtain rod.

its no home office with a view of my backyard...but it will do for me...for now :)

I also created a Craft Closet in my hall closet that matches this space...I'll share that with you on another day!

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  1. What a dreamy space! Way to make the most out of the closet. Seriously, SO much function meets beauty! I adore! And I am so grateful you linked up this week!


  2. Love this, so cute. I wish I had even a closet! Just found your blog from I Heart Organizing, and love it. following you now.

  3. It looks great! Love the colors.... you used the space great! The buckets are darling! I love your cloffice! (Jen is brilliant)
    thanks for linking this up to my Organizing link party. I bet it will really help some others to be able to utilize their closets too.

  4. Please be sure to stop by my blog on Monday! I am featuring you on my Organizing Mission Monday Week 9 post. Be sure to pick up your "I'm Proud To be Featured..." button for your blog!