Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goin a lil stir crazy.....

Remember me scoffing at the over dramtic reactions we Texans have to everything snow/ice/cold weather.... well. I've been "iced in" school for Ms. Priss for 2 days now....and they are out again tomorrow....and its like 10 degrees....and we've been experiencing "Rolling blackouts" since 7am...and it feels like your driving off road when you attempt to drive on the streets....and as I look out my living room window, I see a strange little Icecapade involving tiny sports cars attempting to climb the hill on the street outside my complex...only to slip and twist back down to the bottom.

did I tell you that i'll be in Vegas on Friday?

did you know its supposed to be 68 degrees and sunny there on Saturday?

did I mention that after being couped up for 3 days, straight with both of my kids, with no where to go, and not enough room to "spread out" from each other in means that I have granted myself a spa treatment in Vegas simply to destress my momma nerves.


that will be nice.

ANYWAYS...on to bloggy things.

See this little spread of lovliness on my coffee table? ya...its a little bit of structured...organized...clean...neat...fresh...sanity in the midst of my ice-induced incarceration...

it just makes me so happy....with all of its black/white/zebra/lime-y/crowned/Alice in Wonderland greatness...its just kinda blissful.

then there is this.......i'll look at this daily. it will give me peace. and happiness...and my recommended daily dosage of Alice and lime :)

They are about to go in to this...have you seen these? they are wonderful....its better than a binder cause its more compact..and better than a standard spiral notebook cause you can add and delete pages and dividers as needed (I got mine at Staples...I think it was like $11.99)

I'll go in to a more indepth description of the whole thing once its put together...and once my brain is fully functional...right now I can't remember how to get my font to come out the right color on my obviously I'm in no position to be telling you how wonderful my organizer is HA!

Just wanted to let you know what I was up between being the photographer for my aspiring "Cowgirl-Rockstar-Fashion Designer-Super Model-Actress-Singer-Cheer Coach-that kinda loves zombies...." Little Ms. Priss.

Please excuse the hair...its just...well its just a mess.

just roll with it kids...its best not to fight it (do you see my tiny snoody girl running around half clothed...apologies....)

oh...and I didn't get around to my weekly "maid" cleaning... but its ok...i had some hired help ;)

I paid her with apple juice and cheerios...she was delighted :)

we are in for round 2 of  hell frozen over  wintery weather tomorrow...all i gotta say is, they better have some crazy good de-icer around at the airport on Friday...and a vodka cranberry waiting for me after take off :)

stay warm america :)

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