Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy ValenTIMES day :)

Ms. Priss is 6 and still calls it will break my heart when the last of the incorrectly pronounce words are gone :( (she used to call music muskick...that lasted until about this time last year...growing up is no fun!)

so I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL valentines day! mine was pretty low key...I had a randomly sick baby (for like 2 hours she had a fever, whimpered...then all of a sudden, she got up, ate a banana and was all of those crazy 2 hour bugs?!) But I did get to enjoy the Valentines Party at my daughters school (i'm the room mom...the MAKE me go to these things geesh! lol i kid i kid)

Isn't this just LOVEly?

It's Prissy girls valentines box.

you can't see it, but under that fluffy white maribou is zebra print DUCT-TAPE....goodness gracious that makes a southern girl happy :)

And check out these adorable little valentines we whipped together :)

I promise I didn't just hi-jack this project and go all crazy momma....she helped...see! Proof!

Gah kindergarten is fun! haha

want to know what else is fun? Being featured! check me and my CLOFFICE out over at Organize with Sandy  I am SOOO lucky to have been "found" by someone with such talent! Thanks Sandy!!

Just an FYI...I promise, I'm not just a not-so-fair-weather-blogger....I don't only blog when its 12 degrees and apocolyptically cold here in dallas.....but i will admit, I have been taking advantage of these 70 degree days to go house hunting...I have less than 2 months (YIKES) to find a house that I love (I'm picky) GET the house (I had my house heart broken this weekend when we put in an offer with 2 other applicants...and lost...wah.) pack...and move. sooooooooo ya. I promise to try and be as bloggy as I can...maybe I'll post some fun moving tips and tricks...what about y'all? any tips for a type A, control freak momma that is attempting to control an apparently uncontrolable process (The HUNT of finding and getting a the chaos of actually moving!)

send me your tips kidds!

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