Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Have you ever had one of those "Oh. So this is what was meant to be?" moments? What I mean is....have you ever had a moment, where you want something SO bad. then it gets taken from you...and you think "what is the reason for this?! I am sure that this is what I am supposed to have...what on earth could be out there that is better for me than this?!"


we had one of those moments with this house.

The first time I went to look at it, it was just me, my realtor and a rather cranky snoody girl...I came in, did a quick dash around the place and it was just. Strange. after I left, I called the nerdy boy and told him that I saw a house...and it was just " intriguing" It was almost like one of those things where you felt like you needed to just study it to get the real meaning of it. I have never felt this about a house before. I mean, I've seen charm and beauty in a home but never such an in your face dose of personality.

so we went back. and he said the same thing that I did...."its just...I don't know....I like it....I know I shouldn't cause its so weird...but I really do"

And thats how we knew it was meant to be. because it fit. we matched. The Weird. Not so Normal, But yet So normal. Strangly Perfect little house.....and us.

On the outside it looks so sweet and nice. Normal and unassuming. Well manicured and bright. then you get inside...and you see deep wood floors....with bright open windows...then you see this weird WEIRD kitchen...and that black wall?! then theres the lime green bedroom...and the strange lay out of well. EVERYTHING. and its like THIS HOUSE IS JUST SO STRANGE AND I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

Our back yard backs up to the 3rd tee box of the golf course...its going to look so pretty in the spring/summer with all the pretty green grass

The back porch area needs some love...but I think some new paint, a power washer and some furniture we can make this place look lovely <3

ah. my weird kitchen. isn't it just strange?! but you can't NOT look at it RIGHT?!! its so perplexing. I love it.

The Living room. with the biggest fire place I have seen in ages (Did I mention this house was built in the early 90's?)

HORRIBLE PICTURE (As a matter of fact...let me just go ahead and apologize in advance for ALL of my camera sucks...and sometimes y'all get the short end of the stick which means an iPhone pic taken with interior lights....yuk!) but ANYWAYS...this is the master bedroom...its just simply HUGE. I <3 those windows

the other side of the master looking in to the master you see that door to the left? thats a second walk in closet for the master...aparently, in Texas they assume EVERYONE needs 2 closets in their master....well, we don't so that will be my new Craft CLoffice hehe

 My Black wall <3 in my weird kitchen. with the weird fan....and the lovely window seat...its as if someone said "ah. Shelly will like this"

and that same someone said "ah. shelly will hate this" this is the dining room. I apologize for its hidiousness. its just bad. the paint. the light fixture. yuck. BUT never fear...Graphite Grey Paint is Here!!!

This will be my new office space...its supposed to be a "formal living room" but I have an 18 month old and a 6 year old...there is simpply nothing formal about that. :)

And there it is....Home <3  

We love it cause its just like us. Perfectly normal and nice on the outside...but just a jumble of strangeness on the inside. and thats my kind of perfect :)