Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just some stuff :)

Just a little update...so that you know I still love ya....

I'm in full on packing/decluttering/design dreaming/house hunting/margarita needing mode....

So remember how I told you we are moving?

ya....in like less than a month.

oh. one tiny detail though.


omg...this momma is STRESSIN. I'm already packing...I ordered some new furniture pieces...I BOUGHT THE PAINT!! but I don't know where I'm going...

I might very well have the  best decorated card board box under the bridge in all of Dallas County if I don't luck out soon!

Ok, so I'm being a bit over dramatic {you know how I love to do that} In all honesty though, I seriously am already packing. I really did buy furniture...and I spent a lil too much on paint and some decore for a house I'm not even 100% sure that I have or not. We put the offer in...the agent seemed "positive" but the papers have yet to be signed. its not mine just yet and as much as I hate to admit it, this exact same scenario happened to us a couple weeks ago...fell in <3 with a house...put in an offer...dreamt of how I was going to decorate it, then it got stolen from us :( the real estate market is a fiesty, shark filled place in these parts!

So as I try to declutter the kids closets (and throw away the the annoying toys that I don't want to drag along with us to the other house) I am trying as hard as possible to stay organized while I do it. Cause its not like I have oodles of free time to devote to packing and sorting and bubble wrapping...I have to spend most of my day chasing my 16 month old around...then I spend most of my afternoon chauffering my 6 year old around...then there is the cooking and the laundry and oh ya, I'm working again (ish) and the volunteer work and that little time stealer SLEEP....so what I'm saying is, I really only have about an hour every day to devote to packing.

lets do the math kids... 1 hour for 30 days (I started this little project last week) = 30 hours devoted to packing up my 1500 sq feet and garage space, decluttering and purging EVERYTHING (my goal is to get to a point that I know every piece that I am moving with me...If I can't tell you exactly WHAT is in that box...its not going with me!) I am also preparing for a garage sale so that means I am having to seperatly box garage sale items and add labels to them because I am piggy backing on a garage sale that someone else is running so I wont be there to price things.

My goal is this:

1. Get all the "STUFF" purged, organized and categorized and down in to the garage in NEATLY LABELED BOXES

2. Make enough money from the garage sale & consignment stores to afford to have SOMEONE ELSE move my stuff to my new place :)

goodness I hate moving...It would be so lovely to just hand over some $$ and put my feet up while I watch some other poor schlub smash their fingers on door frames while they try and inch my couch into the living room :)

My Plan is this:

2 Boxes. 2 Bags. 1 Bin!

thats it! every day, I am going to take my 1 hour, 2 boxes. 2 bags, & 1 bin and pick a space, in that space I can only fill 2 boxes up with things to take to the new house...and ideally I will fill the remaining bags/bin with things for the trash, consignment store, garage sale.

I've been at this for about 6 days now, and I'm proud to say, its working very well...I don't feel overwhelmed by packing and I am able to label the boxes neatly and thigns are getting done. yes I will still have to have one of those mad-dash marathon packing days the day before I move to pack up the last of my things but at least all the other stuff will  be done ... and THAT makes this momma happy :)

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