Monday, January 24, 2011


If I Could Get Organized

The morning goes, the noon is here,
Before I know the night is near,
All around me, I regret,
All the things I haven't finished yet,
If I could just get organized!
I often times have realised,
Not all that matters is the man,
The man must also have a plan

I do this, I do that,
But I never finish what I am at,
I work as hard as anyone,
And yet, I get so little done,
I'd do so much you'd be surprised,
If only I could get organized!
-Baidurya Mukherjee 

Don't we all feel that way everyday  far too often? Like you wake around like a wild woman all day...then before you know it its midnight and you feel like you have NOTHING done? ugh. story of my life sometimes.

So this leads me to "THE BIG 10" ... come...sit with me...lets chit chat... your life is crazy busy like mine right? you have families and careers and chores and volunteer work to do and you just don't have time to make changes...but geeez how you would love to ____________ (insert guilt inducing task that you never get to) every day.

For me, I would love to get dressed every day. Seriously. I know it sounds SO silly but I work from home...I chase a toddler around all day and I'm pretty sure I am single handedly keeping Victoria Secret in business from owning so many of their sweat pants (Side note: OMG Victoria Secret Pink sweat pants are the bestttttt....they don't shrink, they are so comfy and their super cute...just an FYI lol) But EVERYDAY as I am pulling through the carpool line at my daughters school with my sweatpants and t shirt a mess and sunglasses covering my unmade up face I look at some of the other moms and say...UGH! why didn't I take the time to get myself together today! And on the days that I do take the time to get dressed/do my hair/do my make up, I always seem to be so much more productive...this is where the THE BIG 10 is going to come in and help me.

To start THE BIG 10 we are going to name 10 things we want to do on a daily keep in mind, these are not goals or resolutions...these are actual tasks...(i.e. if your goal is to lose weight...your task is to go to the gym) These are things that will be done DAILY so this isn't the place to say "I want to volunteer more" when you know that your schedule only allows you to volunteer once weekly. We will be doing another challenge with broader spectrums later down the road...right now we are starting small...we're just going to get through the day to day right now.

Think REAL hard when you make this list...and don't get to creative, be realistic...i highly doubt you are going to "mop the kitchen floor" every day...unless you REALLY like a clean kitchen floor...too each her own i guess ;) 

So lets start making a is mine...look at how SIMPLE some of my tasks are...THATS HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE!!

1. Get Dressed - no more sweatpants after 10am! 

2. Make the beds everyday - "help" Samantha Make her bed since this is one of her "Daily 5's" (look out for a future post on Daily 5's for kiddos!)

3.  Check my bank account and record all spending - every penny! even those $1.07 dr. pepper QT trips :)

4. Do a load of Laundry - wash, dry, fold, PUT AWAY

5. 30 minutes of cardio - at the gym or at home

6. Blog post/Facebook Update/Tweet - help spread the S3 word!

7. Complete a Project - organizing, crafting, etc from start to finish

8. Have one on one time with each of the girls - doing something fun...not just doing something that "must be done"

9. Take atleast 30 minutes of Me Time - Reading, going out with friends, napping, watching trashy TV (**JERSEY SHORE!!!** lol)

10. Make a To Do List - EVERY DAY

So there ya go....there is my 10. Some of these things might seem REALLY simple...and they are! thats how its supposed to be...if you fill your 10 with lofty expectations like "run 2 miles everyday" and you havent laced up your running shoes in over a year, your going to get burnt out, frusterated and the system won't work...and you will have just wasted some of your precious time for NOTHING.  So be simple in your 10...add a couple SIMPLE tasks that you know you can do, but don't currently do and be done. The point of your BIG 10 is so that at the end of one of those crazy days where you collapse in to bed feeling like you have been steam rolled by another day, you can look back and know that you at least got to the 10 most important things on your list.

So I challenge you...make your BIG 10 list...make a copy of it...put it on your fridge, in your planner, on the bathroom it on your blog..on your facebook wall...text it to your best friend...GET IT OUT THERE SO YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT! Its a great step in making sure that YOU are the one in control, cause remember...

"This is my dream, and I'll decide where it goes from here" ~ Alice in Wonderland 

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