Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello :)

Ok! So:
 1. Yes I'm still alive (even though the Texas Summer heat tried to kill us all this year)
 2. Yes I plan on picking this blog back up again
 3. To everyone who found my MOMager on Pinterest here is the answers to most of the questions I've recieved:

  • Do you plan to share the files for these? I would LOVE to but....the computer those were created on crashed over the summer (a long with my cell phone and 2 car batteries....) and when it crashed, not only did it take all of my pictures and music and everything else I ever save, it took all of my MOMager files. 
  • What did you use to create the pages? Excel....I created the entire thing in about 72 hours over a hellacious Ice Storm back in February...its really easy to do, but you do have to know a few things about formatting to make it "work"
  • Do you make custom MOMagers, will you sell me one? DO I? no...not yet atleast, but I am all for helping others find their personal organizational style so if you are interested in creating your own personal MOMager, or having me create one for you, feel free to message me and we can talk this out!
Point being. Life happened. My computer crashed. I've been MIA, but I'm back again! My posting will be a little erratic at first, another thing that bit the dust recently was my camera, thankfully my birthday is in 2 weeks and I have been laying down some HUGE hints as to wanting a new camera for my birthday :) **fingers crossed** I am also in search of someone to help me format my blog (Do you format blogs? I'll trade ya services!!!) So if you can be patient...for just a bit more....I promise I'll be back within the next 4-6 weeks. Just in time for fun holiday stuff and New Years Organizing!! <3 

Thanks again to everyone who found my MOMager on Pinterest and stopped will be resurrected, promise!

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